Let's face it, sometimes life does not go the way you want right? And that is when change happens - wether you like it or not. I don't know about you but have you experienced this, and then you try to get your life on track and it just seems like it is impossible to do so.



With so many things we see on instagram and other social media it seems that everyone else has the perfect life and not us.  One thing I have learnt is that having a fulfilling life is not about what cards you were dealt but rather how you play that hand.


There is a saying that says "Life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you deal with it." Let me ask you - how do you deal with what life throws at you? 


The how is so important, and that how usually comes from your attitude. Now I hear what you are thinking (yes I really do!). You're thinking "Rich how am I meant to react to a negative situation? All I feel is negativity."  Well that's a great question so let's look at an example.


The attitude you display in any circumstance will inevitably impact the outcome of it. But you're probably wondering, "How else am I supposed to react to a negative event than to feel negatively about it?" Let's take a look at an example and how a change in attitude can improve your situation: 


Driving in your car


Has it every happened that you've been driving along and the traffic light goes amber? You have a split second decision to make.


Stop and cause an accident or floor it and hope you get across.  You end up running the red light and of course you know who is hiding behind the bushes?  Mr Policeman.  From a split second decision you now have a ticket.


Of course, you're angry now, because not only are you late for what ever appointment you had but you are also a little poorer from the whole experience.  You start to get a bit aggressive with the officer and say something you regret.  You get written a second ticket for aggression.  Instead of getting one ticket now you have two, and that annoys you even more!


So how could we have changed our attitude with this incident.


Well let's start before you got into the car:

  • You could have left a little earlier and given yourself enough time so you would not be late.

  • If you had stopped at the amber light you may have been 4 minutes waiting for it to change, but now you've been delayed 20 minutes and have two tickets.

  •  Keeping your cool would have also resulted in one ticket less, in fact if you had kept your cool perhaps you could have talked your way out of the ticket.

  • Since you now have a fine, that money you were saving to buy something nice is gone, and that annoys you more...


As you can see from this simple everyday example, the wrong attitude in the morning caused a huge knock on effect (without you even knowing).


And then when you did get stopped you should have changed your attitude, but being human our natural reaction is to treat a negative situation with a negative response.  However, as they say two wrongs don't make a right.


Final thoughts


Take some time to reflect on how you react to life's challenges.  Think if your response is appropriate or could you perhaps respond in a different way.  Sure it's going to be tough but you will find that as you change your attitude things start to work out differently and you start to feel better. 


One you realise that you have the power to decide how to react, you will start to see an amazing change in how life treats you.  If you want to be happy then you need to change your attitude to become happier.  Once you change your attitude you will see things in a different light.