Energy Healing

I believe that everything is energy.  We have a lack of energy, an abundance of energy and more!

the truth

In this video I talk about energy healing.

The world is made up of energy.  There’s lots of types of energy, and you know what? Sometimes we need to heal that  energy and regenerate ourselves. In this video I explain:

What energy healing is.

Why energy healing is important.

Your next step.

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Richard has also provided excellent resources which are a pleasure to study as they are quite understandable. All in all, I would highly recommend this course and thank you Richard, for a most interesting and enlightening experience.

Miriam C Delgado

I saw this course and it sounded more of what I was looking for. And I am delighted so far. I have been on a spiritual awakening (since last year) if you could call it that at the age of 52 as I have not been happy for a while stuck in a comfort zone.


Nichola Kilian

The content was excellent and I’ve walked away with a better understanding of the roadblocks in my life (spoiler alert, overthinking). The course covers answers you probably have such as ‘how can I be mindful’, ‘how do I deal with the fast pace of life’ and ‘I’m worried about the future, can this help’

Greg Merrick

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